Hot Water Sytem + Double Ensuite + Camping Toilet Bonus FREE WATER PUMP

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Double Size Shower/Changing Tent
Large double sided inner zipped door - Enable you to go through between rooms easily
220cm extra tall & 120cm extra wide - Maximum comfort
Sturdy steel poles - Strong structure
Cross-pole roof - Extra headroom Removable rain cover - Better ventilation
Hanging bar - Clothing and towels
Mesh flooring - Great water drainage system
4 Handy storage pockets - Toiletries
Pegs and ropes included - Maximum stability
Comes with a carry bag
Lightweight & portable
Ideal for camping, beach events, trade shows, clothing vendors, etc.

Portable 20L Toilet
High Quality Construction
lways flushes with fresh water
No external water or power connections required
2L freshwater capacity providing 50 flushes
Double sealed drain valve protects against leakage and doors
Corrosion resistant side latches lock tanks together
Easy to empty 20L detachable holding tank
Matte finish concealing scratches

Double Size Shower/ Changing Tent
Fabric material: 190T Polyester
Pole material: Steel
Capacity: 2 - 4 person
Size: 234 x 121 x 218cm
Colour: Navy and Grey

Portable 20L Toilet
Freshwater capacity: 12L
Waste tank capacity: 20L
Dimension: 38 x 34.5 x 42cm
Overall dimension: Please refer to gallery
Colour: Grey

Hot water system 


Hot Water Camping Shower Heater range boasts an intelligent design that will immediately shut off the gas supply when necessary. The unit can detect if the flame goes out, or if it is tilted by more than 45 degrees in the event of it being significantly bumped. It will even shut down if the water flow is insufficient, and for your peace of mind the temperature is limited to 50 degrees. All this means you can simply relax and enjoy a refreshing shower in the most beautiful locations!

Operation is also a breeze thanks a seasonal control setting, and automatic ignition which ignites the burner as soon as water flows. You can even select a desired flow setting on the premium shower head, ranging from a light rainfall up to an invigorated massage like pressure! When water flow is switched off at the trigger head, the unit automatically shuts down. 

At just 6kg and with a fold-out handle the Thermomate is highly portable and includes all the necessary hoses and gas and water connectors​. It is simple to install and water pressure is provided by the BONUS 12 volt water pump (valued at $129). Of course, the Thermomate range complies with rigorous Australian standards relating to safety, performance and reliability, so you can simply set yourself to ‘holiday mode’! 

- Outdoor Comfort.


    • Colour: Black
    • Suitable Gas: LPG 
    • Temperature Display: Backlit LCD
    • Flow Rate: 8L / MIN
    • Ignition: Piezo (2 x D batteries for ignition - not included)
    • Suitable Water Pressure: As low as 2PSI / 15kPa
    • Water Inlet Size: 3/4" BSP inlet
    • Maximum Temp: 50 degrees celsius
    • Reaching max temp is dependent upon water flow and typically 25-30 deg above ambient temperature. 
    • This product is fully certified for use in all states of Australia.
    • Certificate: GMK10176
    • Model: TRG-16
    • Note: This appliance can produce carbon monoxide. It must not be used in an enclosed space.


  • 1x Thermomate Hot Water System
  • 1x 12V Water Pump
  • 1x Deluxe shower head
  • 1x Premium shower hose
  • 1x 1500mm gas hose & regulator
  • 1x Water connector
  • 1x Gas connector
  • 1 x Einsute Shower Tent
  • 1 x Portable Toilet
  • 1 x Tent carry Bag
  • 1 x Assembly Instructions