30A Battery Charge Controller 12V 24V Solar Panel Regulator 4 USB 5V Output

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Our solar charge controller is definitely born to guarantee full control of electrical flows and protection. It features PWM 3-stage charging process--bulk, absorption and float stage-- for a rapid, intelligent and safe charging to batteries including Lead acid, Lithium iron phosphate battery AGM And Gel. Over temperature protection, over current, over power, low voltage, over voltage are integrated to safeguard your solar panel. And overcharging, over-discharging . Double dual USB ports are designed to offer more convenience in charging electronic devices. Last but not the least, it features a large screen LCD display which is controlled by intelligent chip with low power consumption and long life. Providing you a real-time view of the input, output and battery conditions. Application: Suitable for farm solar power system, solar street light, solar billboards, outdoor camping solar system, ship solar system , home applications and etc.



Material: ABS
Charging Type: DC
Model: 30A
Voltage: 12/24V auto
Current: 30A
Max.pv voltage: £¼50V
USB Output: 5V2A
Max PV Input Power: 390W(12V)780W(24V)
Over Charge Current(V): 14.4V
Over Discharge Current(V): 11.0V
Temperature Compensation: £­4mV/¡æ(2V)
Empty Load Wastage: 10mA-20mA
Loop Voltage Drop: 160m¦¸
Display: LCD
Output Voltage: 10.8V-14.4V
Battery Voltage: 12V-24V
Full Voltage Cut-Off: 14.4V
Low Voltage Cut-Off: 11.0V
Weight: 390g


Open Size:192*102*39mm