12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Kit Mono Caravan Camping Power Charging Battery USB

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Made from grade A monocrystalline cells, it can efficiently absorb sunlight and turn it into a portable power source for you. You can charge a 12V deep cycle battery using this kit as well as other battery types. It also comes with a 2-meter-long cable, alligator clips, heavy duty steel fasteners and aluminium fold out legs - everything you'll ever need to be able to charge your appliances when you're outdoors.

With corner protectors, you can rest assured that your solar panels will last through various trips and events. These qualities help make the 200W folding solar panels one of our best-selling products.



200W, 12V
Grade A monocrystalline cell panels with corner protectors
2-fold panels, latest 2021 model
Newer Advanced Solar Technology
More compact with greater efficiency
Aluminium support fold out legs
German Certified
Includes Solar Controller regulator with USB
level indicators
Includes 2m cable and alligator clips
Heavy duty steel safety fasteners
Ready to use straight away
Quiet, green energy
Shade tolerant and weatherproof
No maintenance, wipe as needed
25-year warranty on cells



Open Size:1360*780*35mm
Folded Size:680*780*70mm