10mm x 30m SK78 Dyneema Synthetic Winch Rope (Black) With Black G80 Snap Hook

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Tough Polyester Sleeve: A 4-meter red polyester sleeve protects your rope from heat, and serves as a visual warning during end of line winching.

Premium Nylon Sleeve: UV and chemical-resistant nylon sleeve protects the rope from hazardous conditions, which could effectively prolong its life.

Tensile & Reliable: This synthetic rope, unlike steel cable, is highly tensile, which will not store any kinetic energy when stretched .

Heat Shrink Tubing: This PVC heat shrink tubing is designed to protect the soft eye from splicing.

Super Tough Loop-Eye: Coated with corrosion, rust resistant coating, this loop eye is built to withstand the toughest conditions possible.


Color: Black

Material: Ultra Tough Nylon

Sleeve Length : 1.5M

Loop eye: 40MM

Heat Shrink Tubing: PVC

Size: approx. 10mm*30m

Breaking load: 19,000lbs/8,618kg

Weight: 2.46KG


1x Winch Rope

1 x Black G80 Snap Hook