VoltX 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Solar Charger LCD RV Camping

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Lithium iron batteries are a technological breakthrough in the future of battery storage. Lithium iron batteries are much lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries and deliver unrivaled cycle life?? more than 5 times more cycles compared to lead acid batteries.Most importantly its totally environment friendly No gel& No internal liquid inside.Perfect for use in Solar system + Wind Power system/Car Audio System/Telecommunication equipment/Electric equipment/Toys and consumer electronics/Camper Trailer Caravan Camping Truck Bus RV etc. Lithium batteries are the equivalent to 3 similar lead acid batteries and also 6x Faster in charging time.You can now enjoy a lightweight battery that will simply drop in as a direct replacement for your traditional lead acid battery on any application.



Voltage Range(V): 9.2~14.6
Cell: 3.2V100Ah
Cell Series & Parallels: 4S1P
Rated Voltage(V): 12.8
Rated Capacity(Ah): 100
Rated Energy(KWh): 1.28
Maximum Charge Current(A): 100
Rated Charge Current = 50A Ideal for cell longevity
Standard Disharge Current(A): 100
Max Disharge Current (5 secs) = 200A
Recommended Discharge Voltage(V): 11.2
Recommended Charge Voltage(V): 13.6-13.8
Short-circuit Current(<10ms): Approx.1200A
Dimension(W*D*H): (306*171*215)mm
Total Weight(Kg): Approx.11.5
Internal Resistance Fully Charged@25℃: ≤10mOhms
Thermal Management: Nature cooling
Operating Humidity: 60±25%R.H.
Operating Temperature: Charge:0~50℃
Discharge: -20~65℃
Warranty: 3 Years