(PRE-ORDER)4WD 7 Inch Dark Lense Led Laser Light Off-Road Spot Lights Legends4x4

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7 Inch Laser Spot Light/Driving Light, Exceptional and Unmatched in the Industry

1 lux@1400m

There is nothing that will give you as much distance of light than our laser Spotlights/Driving Lights. Unparalleled, and the latest engineering breakthrough in the emerging lighting technology industry, the Pro Vision Laser spotlights only exclusively for legends4x4 will give you a massive amount of distance and they use far less power than conventional driving lights.

The center laser assembly is built into precision-designed optical lenses for getting you the enormous of distance the laser produces. The surrounding parabolic reflectors are fitted with top-bin German made Osram led's together with legends4x4 to give you a flood beam effect on each side of the road and give you a first-rate all-round performance in distance + width.
If you want the best, most advanced hybrid spot and driving-lights available today, give us a call us for more information or buy them securely online.
An unbelievable transformation has just occurred in the industry, and the future has just arrived.

Compact and Powerful Integrated Spot/Driving Beam Laser Light.

Able to be mounted on a bull bar or roof racks, the versatility of the laser light means that they can easily be fitted on a wide range of vehicles. The heavy-duty mounts that come with the lights, and the virtually indestructible housing and polycarbonate lens are built tough to handle the most extreme use, so so On or Off the road the laser hybrid driving lights will take you on many adventures and stand the test of time.
Another feature of the laser driving/spot lights is their compact design.  

A quick breakdown of the key features of the Laser Spot/Driving Light.

  • Genuine OEM Factory Engineered Laser, (not a copy). Helped By Legends4x4 
  • They will work on standard relay harnesses, (easily upgrade your existing lights).
  • They have wide voltage parameter of 9-32V DC, (12V/24V Compatible). Suitable for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and machinery.
  • Complete Environmental Protection. IP68 for  dust and waterproofing. Suitable for use in up to a metre of water or for when cleaning with high pressure hoses.
  • Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens.
  • Radio Frequency Noise Free, EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility).
  • Heavy-duty body and brackets. Suitable for harsh off-road environments.
  • Instantaneous to full illumination.
  • 5yr Warranty.
Paclage including :
  • 2pcs 7inch laser light