Dobinsons 3 Inch 75mm Lift Kit Complete Strut for Ford Ranger PX T6 T7 2011-on

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2 Pcs Dobinsons Front Heavy Duty Twin Tube Gas Spring Seat Shock Absorbers

2 Pcs Dobinsons Front 3 Inhc 75mm Lift Linear Rate Coil Springs (Without Accessories)

2 Pcs Strut Top Mount


Ford Ranger PX T6 T7 08/2011 on
Detail : Pickup / Style Side / Ranger T6 South Africa Well Back / Tray Back Also Suits 4x2 Highrider

Mazda BT-50 Series II - UP/UR 4x4 10/2011 on
Detail : 3.2L Pickup?/?Well Back?/?Tray Back,,


Note: Lift Height depend on combined accessories' weight on the vehicle


Dobinsons Twin Tube Nitrogen Gas charged shock absorbers are made from the world's highestquality external and internal parts sourced worldwide. They provide a significant increase inperformance over the standard shock absorbers.

Features Include:

  • Tough twin tube design has the benefit of holding larger volume of oil (keeping the internal workings cooler) and improved protection of internal working components
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas which eliminates aeration within the oil reservoir, meaning no bouncing, sloppiness nor deterioration of ride
  • Teflonned piston rings produce less wear and heat to the bore and increase the life of the shock absorber
  • Special anti-bump stops preserve the piston from extreme impacts when fitted to vehicles with coil spring suspension systems
  • Valve coding maximises off-road and on-road performance
  • Valve stacking system controls dampening laws and permits a record response time in any situation, enhancing safely and comfort
  • Polyurethane paint, gives extended life against the elements
  • have a 2 year warranty



Dobinsons manufacture after market Coil Springs to restore the ride height with our improved Design Coils. In most cases, the coil is 20% - 40% stronger than the original OEM Spring.

This gives better Load Carrying capacity Complete Strut for Heavy Loads and enhances Road Handling while also improving towing capacities.

Features Include:

  • Dobinsons computers have a design that allows the spring to maximise what is expected of the spring
  • The powder coat finish is baked on to give a lasting protective coat to help eliminate rust.
  • Each coil is precisely placed by a programmable logic computer to achieve perfect pitch. This is very important in Variable and Progressive Rate Springs.
  • All coils are scragged 100% to eliminate subsequent spring sag and load tested to ensure that they meet and maintain the required specifications.
  • Engineered Coil Ends are designed to fit the vehicle correctly.
  • Coils are shot peened to give longer life.
  • State of the Art Heat Treatment
  • have a 2 year warranty