Commercial 92cc Giantz 24" Heavy Duty Bar Chainsaw

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  • 92cc chainsaw
  • Engine: 2-stroke
    Maximum power: 6.8Hp (3.5KW)
    Displacement: 92cc
    Carburetor: Diaphragm type
    Ignition type: CDI
    Fuel tank capacity: 960ml
    Oil capacity: 550ml
    Bar length: 24"
    Maximum engine speed with cutting attachment: 11,000rpm
    Maximum cutting length: 58cm
    Bar brand: Giantz
    Chain brand: Oregon
    Chain type: Low kickback premium semi-chisel
    24" chain: 0.325" pitch, 0.058" gauge, 86 drive links
    Guide bar type: Sprocket nose
    Bar oil type: SAE#10W-30
    Type of engine oil / fuel mixture : 2 stroke oil / 25:1 / 25 part fuel mix with 1 part oil