7.0HP Cultivator Tiller Plough Self-Propelled Rotary Rototiller

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  • 7HP 4-stroke forced air cooled OHV engine
  • Convenient handlebar thumb throttle and clutch lever 
  • 800mm tiller scope
  • 350mm tilling depth
  • 3 self-propelled gears - 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Hard-drawn and synchronous-rotating steel tiller blades
  • Non-restrictive safety shields
  • Transforms into heavy-duty self-propelled plougher
  • Extra-large 16” pneumatic tyres
  • Two-sided steel plough


7HP 4-stroke forced air cooled OHV engine to properly drive the cultivation process. And for super-easy handling, the thumb throttle and clutch lever are located right at your fingertips on the handlebars.

This machine gets the job done faster with an 800mm tiller scope - over 35% wider than most alternative designs, greatly reducing the time it takes to prep your soil. It boasts an impressive 350mm tilling depth, made possible due to its non-restrictive safety shields. The unit features 3 self-propelled gears - 2 forward and 1 reverse - that drive the machine so you can get loads of work done with little fatigue. The superior hard-drawn and synchronous-rotating steel tiller blades offer superior durability in tough rocky soil, and one pass is all it takes to have finely milled and well-aerated earth.

Perhaps the most unique attribute of this unit, and what’s elevating it above its competitors, is that it can be transformed into a heavy-duty plougher in moments. By simply replacing the tiller blades with the extra-large 16” pneumatic tyres and attaching the two-sided steel plough, the machine becomes a self-propelled plougher. This addition to this allows you to create clean and uniform trenches for crops following cultivation with the tiller function.

This unit offers a holistic solution to garden cultivation, and completes such tasks quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. It offers the perfect blend of power, control, maneuverability and reliability. So leave inferior cultivating techniques in the dust, purchase the groundbreaking Self-Propelled Cultivator Tiller and Plougher today!


    • Fuel Type:  Regular Unleaded 95 RON 
    • Engine:  Forced Air Cooled 4-Stroke OHV
    • Engine Displacement:  208cc
    • Power Output:  7hp/5.25kW
    • Gears:  3 Self-Propelled (2 x Forward; 1 x Reverse)
    • Tiller Blades:  Hard-Drawn Steel, Synchronous-Rotating 
    • Tilling Depth:  350mm 
    • Tilling Scope:  800mm
    • Plough:  300mm Two-Sided Steel
    • Tyre Size:  16”
    • Fuel Capacity:  3.6L
    • Oil Capacity:  0.7L
    • Note: Assembly required / Minimal Assembly required
    • Engine Oil Type: 10W-30 / 10W-40 / 15W-30 / 15W-40 non-synthetic engine oil (not included with purchase)

    • 1 x Self-Propelled Cultivator Tiller and Plougher
    • 2 x 16” Pneumatic Tyres
    • 1 x Two-Sided Plough
    • User Manual is accessible online.

    • Carton Weight: 87kg
    • Carton Dimensions (W x D x H): 78 x 48 x 65cm
    • Product Weight: 62kg
    • Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 78 x 142 x 106-117-125cm