2" 50mm Lift kit Complete Strut Dobinsons Coil Springs for Toyota FJ Cruiser

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2 " 50mm Lift kit Complete Strut Dobinsons Coil Springs for Toyota FJ Cruiser



2 Inch 50mm Front Big Bore Pre-Assembled Strut
(With Dobinsons Load Tested Coil Springs(Up to 50Kgs))

2 x Rear Webco Twin Tube Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

2 x Rear Dobinsons Coil Springs(No Accessories)

Suit :

Toyota FJ Cruiser GSJ15 4.0L V6 06-on

Available Upgrade:






Dobinsons Coil Springs(50-90Kg Accessories)

+ 60 Pair



Dobinsons Coil Springs(150-300kg Constant)

+ 60 Pair



These are an ideal solution for 4WD owners wanting a budget priced kit of superior quality to other brands of suspension.They are ideal for 4WD vehicles and cost conscious owners.These Suspension Kits include:

Webco Complete Strut Assembly

Webco Complete Strut Assembly is completely assembled and ready for installation. You no longer need to assemble components and there are no specialized tools required! It is manufactured from high quality materials at very affordable price.

  • Webco Complete Strut include all the high quality components required for strut replacement in a single, fully-assembled unit.
  • Each Complete Strut Assembly is designed and tuned for vehicle specific applications
  • Helps restore factory ride height and original vehicle ride performance.
  • Complete Strut Assembly includes: Webco Strut, Webco Strut Top Mount, Dobinsons Coil Springs.
  • Direct Fit - Ready to Install - No Special Tools Required


Dobinsons Coil Springs.


  • Start of the Art Heat Treatment - Heat treatment is unseen and is the most important steps in the coil spring manufacturing process. Hardening and tempering is completed by an extremely precise electronically controlled furnace to eliminate breakage and sagging.
  • Formed On Precision Mandrels - Each coil is precisely placed by a programmable logic computer to achieve perfect pitch. This is especially important in manufacturing variable and progressive rate springs.
  • High Intensity Shot Peening - All Dobinsons coils are shot peened to give longer life.
  • Precise End Configurations - Engineered coil ends are designed to fit directly into the original vehicle mounting points without any modification.
  • Design Technology - Spring Design engineers within Dobinsons Spring & Suspension? utilize the latest coil spring design programs to ensure each spring will meet and exceed the design requirements and achieve the maximum working life. These state of the art design programs are crucial when designing variable/progressive rate springs to ensure laden and unladen spring rates are correct to provide the best possible ride comfort and handling.
  • Powder Coat Finish - A durable powdercoat finish provides extreme protection against the elements
  • Fully Scragged & Load Tested - All coils are scragged 100% to eliminate subsequent spring sag and load tested to ensure that they meet and maintain the required specifications. Dobinsons also perform spring fatigue testing and spring hardness testing using in-house state of the art testing equipment.



Dobinsons Coil Springs listed in this Listing have a 2 year warranty against the following:
1. Faulty Manufacture
2. Breakage
3. Sagging (being loss of free height of more than 10mm).
Webco Shock Absorbers listed have a 3 year warranty providing the vehicle does not have a modified exhaust system.