12V 24V 2A 4A 8A 12A AGM GEL Lithium lifepo4 9-stage Battery Charger LCD display

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intelligent battery charger suitable for STD, AGM , GEL lead acid batteries  including deep cycle batteries 

and Lithium batteries(lifepo4) only at 12V.

An auto detection feature provides a user friendly experience, which can be pre-programmed or manually set for greater control.

Ideal for cars, motorcycles, caravans and boats with battery capacities.


Auto Mode

12V 2A , 12V 4A , 12V 8A, 12V 12A, 

24V 2A,  24V 4A , 24V 6A

Pulse Mode

Lithium Battery (Lifepo4) only at 12V

Recond Mode

Lithium battery Current Selection:

Only 4A and Automatic selection

Battery Fully charged

Supply mode

Input : 220-240v 50/60HZ MAX 215W

Analysis mode

Output : DC12V 12A  DC24V 6A

DC supply Function : DC 13.6V Max 4A

With 12-month RTB warranty