12V 100Ah Slimline Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 Rechargeable LCD RV

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12V 100Ah Slimline Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 Rechargeable LCD RV

If space is of prime importance on your next adventure, the VoltX Blade LiFePO4 100Ah lithium battery is for you. Weighing only 15kg and measuring just 510x70x275mm, you’ll save ample room in your luggage and still have a safe, reliable and steady power source for all your travelling needs.


Lithium batteries provide far greater useable amp hours than their lead-acid counterparts. Unlike lead-acid lithium batteries can be deeply discharged without affecting the cycle life. This means you can use the battery for longer before having to recharge. In comparison, AGM batteries are generally recommended to only be discharged to 50% of their capacity to maximize their cycle life whereas lithium can generally be discharged to 80-90% of the capacity.


Slim & Ultra Thin Design
Safest Lithium Battery Technology
100% Maintenance Free
Non-spill and Free of Messy
Premium Prismatic Cells
Multiple Safety Protection
Intelligent Balancing Function


Rated Capacity: 100Ah
Usable Capacity: 100Ah
Rated Voltage: 12.8V
Rated Energy: 1.28KWh
Charge Voltage: 13.6~13.8V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 10.0V
Charge Method: CC/CV
Max.Charge Current: 100A
Max.Discharge Current: 100A
Cycle Life@25℃ ,1C/0.5C,80%DOD ): Approx.2800times
Working Temperature Range: Charge:0℃ to 50℃ Discharge:-25℃ to 65℃
Internal Resistance Fully Charged@ 25℃: ≤ 10mΩ
Operating Humidity: 60±25%R.H.
Thermal Management: Nature cooling
Total Weight(Kg): 15.0kg