30a PWM Dual Solar Panel Lithium Battery Compatible Solar Regulator

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If you are looking for a solar controller to charge your battery and keep unnecessary damages at bay, please look no further, this 30a solar controller must be the one you are looking for. This 30a solar controller is ideal for off-grid applications on 12V-24V systems and it uses a 3-stage algorithm---bulk, absorption and float---to increase the lifespan and performance of batteries accordingly to battery type lead acid battery(flooded, GEL and AGM) and lithium battery ( Li(LiCoMn)O2 and LiFePO4). And this is further enhanced by the programmable voltage it integrates. In addition, this PWM solar charge controller can be connected to 2 solar panels, which can increase charging efficiency. It also offers a built-in LCD display, through which you can have a real-time view of the system status. And an array of built-in protections-low/over voltage, short circuit, overcharge/ overdischarge, overcurrent, overload and reverse polarity protection-offer an extra layer of protection.

  • Ultra Durability: ABS housing enables the dust-proof controller to resist fire, zinc alloy terminals enhances structural strength with better conduction performance.
  • 3-Stage Charging: A 3-stage algorithm, bulk, absorption and 100% float charge, is designed to enhance efficiency and ensure battery lifespan.
  • Super Compatibility: It is compatible with lead acid battery (flooded, GEL and AGM) and lithium battery ( Li(LiCoMn)O2 and LiFePO4).
  • Electronic Protection: Low/over voltage, short circuit, overcharge/ overdischarge, overcurrent, overload and reverse polarity protection are integrated.
  • Dual Solar Connection: This solar controller is designed to be connected to 2 solar panels simultaneously to increase charging efficiency.
  • Programmable Voltage: The voltage of this 30a solar controller is programmable to ensure the safety and longevity of different batteries.
  • Strengthened Boards: Our PCB and backplane boards are 1.2mm and 1mm in thickness which are fracture proof VS 0.8mm and 0.6mm offered by competitors.
  • Simple Operation: LCD display provides a real-time view, 2 buttons for easy setting and 2 USB ports power your lamps or work as a phone charger.
  • Temperature Compensation: This mechanism is designed to automatically adjust charge & discharge voltage to enhance battery’s lifespan.


Nominal Voltage: 12/24V
Self Consumption: ≤11.5mA/12V; ≤13.5mA/24V
Under Voltage Warning: Default/Sealed/AGM/GEL/Flooded: 10.8V
Temperature Compensation Coefficient: -4mV/°C/2V(25°C)
Input Voltage: ≤50V
Battery Voltage: 12V/24V(Auto Distinguish)
Rated Charge Current: 30A
Rated Discharge Current: 30A
Maximum Solar Panel Voltage: 50V
Float Voltage For AGM (Default): 13.8V (Programmable)
Cut-Off Voltage For AGM(Default): 14.4V(Programmable)
Discharge Recovery Voltage For AGM (Default): 12.6V (Programmable)
Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery: Flooded, GEL and AGM
Lithium Battery: Li(LiCoMn)O2 and LiFePO4
USB Port: 5V/2A
Standby Current: <15mA
Ambient Temperatures: -20°C-+50°C
Charge Mode: PWM
Dust-proof: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Package Includes
  • 1 x Solar Charge Controller
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Warranty
12 months warranty