(PRE-ORDER)NEW LASER 20 inch Led Light Bar 1lux@1051m Off-Road 4x4 With 2 Laser Beams

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Lux Rating
O-sram P8 chip and x 2 10W/pcs Laser chip
Diecast Aluminum Housing
Operating Voltage
DC 10-30V
Waterprrof Rate
Reflector Cup
Rectangular brown big reflector cup
50000 hours
Color Temperature


Game changer is here ! Not only does this light bar boast a luminous rating off 1051m also comes with 2 Laser chips with piercing distance at your finger tips. As Revolutionary Laser technology develops here at legends4x4 we give you the best of the best available.

Patent High Performance Design optical 3d lens for that wide effect. Includes adjustable mounting brackets for ease of installation.

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(1) IP68-guaranteed to work at 10 meters water depth for 2 weeks without water inflow; add 100 meters water depth and destroy the test for 12 hours, still able to maintain good performance of the product.

(2) Air tightness test: Inject 30Pa pressure into the finished product, inflate the mold in a direct way, let the instrument fill the mold with a certain amount of gas, the gas will have an adjustment process in the mold, then the product A certain pressure will be formed on the periphery of the device, and the pressure will be monitored by a precision pressure sensor, and then the leakage value of the gas can be converted after a series operation (excellent 300), and the air tightness and IP of the laser strip light can be detected according to the leakage value waterproof level.

(3) Professional light decay and aging test: voltage 12-24V reverse switching, lighting strobe from once every 30 seconds to once every 5 seconds, duration 500 hours, to test the quality of the circuit board and product use light decay effect

HIGHSPEED SPOT LIGHTING - With the unique design of the laser light and deep reflector cup, illumination distance up to 1051m at 1 LUX, greatly extend the lighting range, with strong penetrating power, and it is safe to drive at high speed in the dark. With the high-quality OSRAM LEDs, lumens per watt reaches 34160LM, achieving low energy and high efficiency

SAFETY MAXIMIZATION - With international FDA certification, the laser emitted conforms to the safety regulations and will not cause any harm to people's eyes, you can drive on the road with the laser light safely. Rated at IP68 waterproof, effective dustproof and waterproof, can withstand all kinds of bad weather

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Strong aluminum alloy casing, achieve efficient heat dissipation, ensure the service life of more than 50,000 hours. The PC material lens is durable and wear-resistant. Equipped with two heavy-duty brackets, side bracket and bottom bracket, you can flexibly install the light bar

WARRANTY: Worry-free experience! We offer a free 2 year warranty and offer excellent service on before-sale, on-sale and after-sale.


• WATTAGE 244w

• DISTANCE1Lux@1051


• WIDTH (IN)3.7

• HEIGHT (IN)3.7